Certified Home Health Aide

Job Locations: Lawton | Oklahoma City | Owasso
Job Type:

DEPARTMENT: Entrusted Hearts
REPORTS TO: Clinical Manager

Assists in providing assistance with activities of daily living under the direction, instruction, and supervision of a registered nurse or other appropriate skilled professional who is familiar with the client, the client’s plan of care, and the written client care instructions. Assists client with personal hygiene, assists with ambulation and transfers, records vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respirations), and prepares meals as directed. Promotes clients’ mental alertness, reports changes in the client’s condition to a registered nurse or other appropriate skilled professional. Assists in providing a safe and healthful environment for client care.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent preferred. Home Health Aide Certification required. BLS certification required.

Previous Experience: Six (6) to twelve (12) months of experience in a client care facility with knowledge of basic client care skills and medical terminology.

Skills and Physical Requirements: Must be able to stand for long periods. Must be able to tolerate frequent walking. Ability to lift, bend, reach, and push/pull loads required. Frequently must assist clients with transfers or ambulation. Possible exposure to body fluids, chemicals, and hazardous equipment. Must be able to tolerate rapid fluctuations in workload.

Must be flexible and able to set priorities as requests for early visits are often made by several clients. Must be able to perform duties in an efficient, effective manner with little direct supervision required. Ability to diplomatically deny inappropriate requests and find alternate solutions or notify EH.


  1. Performs direct client care activities.
  2. Performs indirect client care activities.
  3. Insures safety during client care.
  4. Observation, reporting and documentation of client status/services furnished.
  5. Demonstrates efficiency, effectiveness, and dependability in providing client care.
  6. Maintains effective communication skills, including ability to read, write, and verbally report clinical information to clients, representatives, caregivers and other HHA team members.
  7. Basic infection prevention and control procedures.
  8. Basic elements of body functioning and changes in body function that must be reported to an aide’s supervisor.
  9. Maintenance of a clean, safe, and healthy environment.
  10. Recognizing emergencies and the knowledge of instituting emergency procedures and their application.
  11. The physical, emotional, and developmental needs of and ways to work with the populations served by the HHA, including the need for respect for the patient, his or her privacy, and his or her property.
  12. Appropriate and safe techniques in performing personal hygiene and grooming tasks that include —
    • Bed bath;
    • Sponge, tub, and shower bath;
    • Hair shampooing in sink, tub, and bed;
    • Nail and skin care;
    • Oral hygiene;
    • Toileting and elimination;
  13. Safe transfer techniques and ambulation;
  14. Normal range of motion and positioning;
  15. Adequate nutrition and fluid intake;
  16. Recognizing and reporting changes in skin condition; and
  17. Any other task that the HHA may choose to have an aide perform as permitted under state law.
  18. Participates in QAPI program as requested
  19. Supports and enhances the image of EH by displaying a positive attitude in client relations.